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Fedor is easily tricked

You’ll remember that we were quite confused as to why Fedor would be suing a Honey drink manufacturer over a commercial that he clearly agreed to star in. After all, the dude drank that honey and said “Mmmm Fedor likes it” in Japanese! Well, Russian MMA has an interview translated from Korean with more details on how that whole situation came about:

Question: There’s a legal battle involving a Korean TV commercial featuring Fedor. “Association D” and “company N” claimed that the commercial aired with the permission of you and Fedor. We would like to know your side of the story.

Vadim Finkelstein: We never gave permission to anybody. We only asked the president of “association D” to find sponsors who are willing to work with us. We only gave him the role of looking for sponsors. But we eventually found out that the man wasn’t a trustworthy person. He didn’t keep the faith so that’s why we filed a lawsuit. The only thing we worked on together was holding an M-1 event once. We haven’t done anything together besides that. I was doing an interview while they were filming the honey commercial and someone claiming to be a sponsor of the event took Fedor somewhere, handed him a bottle of honey, and filmed the commercial. Occasionally we allow photo taking and filming when sponsors intend to use them for personal purposes, but we never give them broadcasting rights. We never signed any contract. That’s why we’re going to court. If we did, we wouldn’t be in this legal battle. This is being dealt with by VQ Holdings, which represent us in Korea. We have severed ties with “association D.”

I love how it seems like Fedor is a helpless man-child when daddy Vadim is off doing interviews and such. Take your eye off that guy for a few seconds and he wanders off and films a honey commercial! Fedor probably didn’t even know what he was being asked to say. It’s too bad they didn’t make him say all sorts of outlandish shit, the same way Quinton Jackson does to all his Japanese fans.

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    haha this is hilarious and kinda sad at the same time

  • clint notestine says:

    You’d think with all that time in Japan he would have picked up the language. I think Fedors management needs to be replaced with other more competent Mafia guys or maybe Putin can take over!

  • Higgz says:

    They could have at least left him with a note like they did when he came to shoot the Affliction commercial.

    It could have said, “My name is Fedor, I am the number 1 ranked heavyweight in the world. Please do not take me into a dimly lit corner and make me film honey commercials.”

  • nem0 says:

    Tim Sylvia should take note of this. All he needs to do is have his corner distract Fedor with delicious honey, and the fight is in the bag.

  • clint notestine says:

    Timmy needs to cover his body in honey….er I might have dredged up an image best left in hell!

  • Xavier says:

    Fedor needs to be force-fed constant stranger danger educational programs, apparently. Dana just needs to stand around with candy and a car next time Fedor hits Vegas. That’s the easiest way to get him to do business.

  • Jim Brown's Long Lost Son says:

    Is dripping yourself in honey allowed in Japan for fighters?

    I think so…

  • ZzFDKzZ says:

    LMAO damn.

  • Higgz says:

    Perhaps Dana White should just invite Fedor to a UFC event and get the Fertittas to distract Vadim and lure him into the cage to fight. They wouldn’t have to pay him that pesky 2 million dollars and Fedor would just do whatever they told him to.

    Dana: “Here, Fedor, I’ve got some candy for you. Into the cage…there you go. Who’s a good Fedor?”
    Fedor: “Me Fedor.”
    Dana: “That’s right, you ARE Fedor. Now, fight the Randy in front of all these people and these cameras.”
    Fedor (to Randy): “I must break you.”

  • Jose Bastillo says:

    Fedor and his manager… all about the money. Does Fedor even think for himself anymore? I bet if you dropped Fedors britches, you would find Vadims hand up his bum like a sock puppet.

  • schz says:

    i can see finkelstein scolding fedor…

    bad fedor! bad fedor! i said no honey! baaad fedor!

    hes so violent and cute, how could you not love him.

  • kentyman says:

    Fedor, the Winnie the Pooh of fighters.