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Fedor is better than all of us (especially you, fatso)

Fedor’s trainer, Vladimir Voronov, has publicly admitted that the Last Emperor put in a lazy training camp and was able to pull off the stunning victory solely due to his previously acquired skill set.

The fact that Fedor won, don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy. But he won this fight because of the work he did before training that he did before this fight, because of the experience he had before this fight. Right now, he won with his old baggage, with his old tricks. We did everything we can to get him ready for this fight. But for these title fights, for these dangerous fights, we can’t train the way we trained for this fight.

Let’s put this into perspective. Fedor half-asses his preparation for what could arguably be considered the most important fight of his career against a very game opponent and still wins with what will undoubtedly be a KO of the year candidate. This reminds me of that time in high school that I went on a whiskey bender before the SATs and still finished with one of the best scores in the class. Fedor’s competition consists of world class athletes while mine was a group of fellow special needs kids, but there’s a comparison nonetheless.

This is simply further evidence that Fedor is a God among mere mortals. Andrei Arlovski has been a top 5 heavyweight for the better part of the decade and, albeit after a slow start, Fedor finished him in devastating fashion. Affliction can be criticized for a wealth of different things (see: association with WAMMA, association with Todd Beard, making stupid t-shirts, putting Tito in the announce booth, giving Chuck Zito and Scott Ferrall employment, making stupid t-shirts, overpaying fighters, Tom Atencio’s freakish skin, making stupid t-shirts, etc.) but one thing they need to be commended for is giving Fedor a stage to showcase his skills here in the States.