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Fedor goes to Hollywood

Above is the trailer for the film “The Salamander Key” (formerly “The 5th Execution”), in which Fedor Emelianenko trades his usual talkative, excitable persona for the role of a stoic Russian soldier named “Fedor.”  I know, what a stretch, right?  I smell an Oscar!

Fedor appears briefly in the trailer at the 0:44 mark, and later manning a machine gun at 1:20.  But since it’s in Russian and the IMDB page consists of only a partial cast list, we’ll have to rely on M-1 Global’s description (via MMA Weekly):

Premised on a group of international scientists who disappear on a remote island in South-Eastern Asia while conducting advanced medical research, the Rescue Group commissioned to seek out the team locate remnants of a high-tech laboratory revealing evidence that experimental testing has been conducted on animals and humans. The last communication from the scientists prior to their disappearance cautions the world of immanent, grave global disaster.

“Today we’ve been given a priceless gift – the Elixir of Life…” was the sensational statement decreed by the CEO of ‘Farm-line Corporation’ in Bangkok. The miraculous discovery came whilst researching the salamander’s ability to renew its cells.

‘Congressman commits suicide to mark the eighth death in one month!’  ‘An epidemic of suicide!’ reads headlines on the front pages of all major newspapers, leaving one of Thailand’s top-cops to initiate the investigation behind the continuous string of rash, mysterious deaths.

What joins all these events together? And why is a small island in South-Eastern Asia key to solving the complex questions. The Salamander Key opens the door for a peek into a scientific breakthrough abused for personal gain.

So I presume Fedor’s character is a member (leader?) of the rescue team.  The role of the CEO is played by Rutger Hauer, star of such classics as “Sin City”, “Split Second”, “The Hitcher”, and “Blade Runner”, and the forthcoming Canadian grindhouse flick ” target=”_blank”>Mr. Blonde who’s apparently in there somewhere as a “soldier of fortune”.

M-1 Global isn’t just helping out to spread the word about their golden goose’s movie debut, they also appear to be directly tied to the project.  According to MMA Junkie, M-1 President Vadim Finkelchtein and another executive named Sergei Matvienko are listed as “co-producers”… well that sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The world premiere is tomorrow in Moscow, so here’s hoping someone has a camera handy to capture Fedor’s GQ-quality attire.  Maybe Tracy Lee and/or Ariel Helwani can make it, they seem to be everywhere anyway.

Some behind-the-scenes pics courtesy of the official website after the jump: