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“Fedor Emelianenko, UFC finalizing deal”


A long-awaited agreement between the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the man considered the world’s best mixed martial arts fighter, Fedor Emelianenko, is expected to be announced by UFC President Dana White on Friday, a source with information about the negotiations told The Times today.

The source, who asked not to be identified because he’s not authorized to speak publicly about the dealings, called negotiations between the UFC and Fedor “very civil” just days after Fedor’s scheduled Affliction Trilogy fight Saturday against Josh Barnett was canceled.

Keep in mind though this is an anonymous maybe to a potential something so don’t get your hopes up like I did when Kimo died.

*UPDATE* M-1 is saying no way. But Josh Gross does note that today was rumored to be the day the UFC and M-1 met in Los Angeles to negotiate. Ah fuck, we don’t even know for sure when these guys met and we’re still speculating about deals that probably don’t exist. I think I said about a year ago that I was sick of feeling like Charlie Brown with that goddamn football when it came to Fedor negotiations. But I can’t help it. I estimate at least three more false alarms before tomorrow’s Fedor press conference.