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Fedor dropping to 205 to fight Hendo?

“I think I having pound or two of lint in here from sweater.”

Two things come to mind when I look at Fedor Emelianenko.  One, this guy looks like he might be coming to fix your toilet instead of knock your head off.  And two, there’s no way that doughy bastard is a natural heavyweight.

For his entire career, Fedor has gotten away with fighting in the heavyweight division where he often gave up significant weight advantages, but his skill and speed were always able to overcome.  That is until his last fight, where the appropriately named “Bigfoot” Silva used his massize size to put a beating on Fedor the likes of which he’d never seen.  We all know his first “loss” was a bullshit TKO due to cuts, and getting subbed by Werdum could maybe be written off as a brain-fart… but the Bigfoot beatdown was undeniable.

Folks have always wondered how Fedor would do at light heavyweight, and considering he usually weighs in at about 230 and is obviously carrying a good 20 pounds or so of dead weight, that cut should be as easy as putting down the ice cream for awhile.  And after what Bigfoot did to him, the calls for him to drop to 205 have been louder than ever.

Well it seems Fedor may have finally gotten the message, as Fighters Only reports that sources close to him say he’s seriously considering a move down to 205 after Strikeforce apparently offered him a superfight with new LHW champ Dan Henderson.  Though they were both in Pride for years, and Hendo fought Big Nog at heavyweight there (and also once in Rings), the two have never met in the ring.

But before your fanboy-boner rips through your pants, hang on a tick… those sources also say “negotiations are underway,” and we all know what that means.  Hopefully Strikeforce is able to pony up enough canvas bags with dollar-signs written on them to appease M-1, otherwise the biggest fight Strikeforce has ever seen probably won’t happen.


UPDATE: Not so fast, Fighters Only.  M-1’s resident hipster-douche and Director Of Operations Evgeni Kogan told MMA Junkie that so far there have been no discussions with Fedor’s management about the Hendo fight, and they’re instead looking at the loser of Ubereem vs Werdum, but of course nothing’s nailed down for that yet either.  Another M-1 guy also says the story is bogus, according to USA Today.  As for Strikeforce themselves, Coker says there have been “preliminary discussions only,” but he didn’t say whom those discussions were with, so maybe he was just talking to himself while on the toilet or something.

  • matthewpolly says:

    Nobody is a bigger Fedor bootlicker than myself. I even went so far as to travel to Russia to interview him. One thing I didn’t mention in my article for Slate (below: yes, I’m cross-promoting) is that when I met him I was amazed by how small he was. Yes, thick through the belly and chest, but small: I towered over him. And I’ve fought at 185 while still sporting a significant muffin top. PrideFC never cared about weight classes. It was all steroids and Yakuza money-laundering. The UFC has adopted the freaky-friday weight-cutting of amateur wrestling. Forrest Griffin fights at 205, but he is physically one huge, tall, scary dude. The idea that he is a light-heavyweight and Fedor is a heavyweight is, when you’ve stood next to both, more than laughable. Fedor could cut to middleweight and still seem small next to Anderson Silva. But maybe he doesn’t want to cut out the borscht at this stage of his career. It might explain why, aside from M-1’s wacko management, he wasn’t that enthusiastic about signing with the UFC. Then again, Hendo ain’t that big either nor is he a spring chicken. I’m feeling slightly erect.

  • matthewpolly says:

    The “H-Bomb” vs the Russian Terminator: it’s got Cold War gold written all over it.

  • CAP says:

    Fedor at 205 is interesting. I’m very curious how a LHW Fedor would look and perform. But at this late in his career I really wonder if that’s what he wants to do. This seems like a lot of hearsay right now.

    Expect a retarded response from M-1 any day now…

  • CAP says:

    Is Fedor a lint licker in this photo??

  • frickshun says:

    No chance this primadonna wants to cut weight.

    Yes, I’d fucking pay to see it but it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Letibleu says:


    THAT’S the headliner you go to Japan with.

  • Spicoli says:

    I was hoping for that. I have a boner, and now I can’t get up for a bit. Damnit.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    he should at least try one fight at 205 then if it doesnt go well… head back to russia or korea or whatever place he likes ‘n retire

  • 7th Offensive says:

    I don’t see it. If he’s been too lazy to train BJJ and stay in shape he’s not gonna like cutting weight on top of it all.

    Also, part of the reason Fedor was so explosive and fast all these years was not cutting weight. He got away with it more because the other HWs werent as big or skilled.

    I think it would kill his game personally, unless he could drop the weight in a super healthy way.. which doesnt seem his style.

  • GoldenArms says:

    ^^^ cutting out the ice cream isnt going to slow him down

    this fight would be much better than Fedor vs Randy. the writing is on the wall for Fedor, he was mounted by Brett Rodgers of all people. I would love to see Fedor at LHW. The money has to be the same though. He’s a banya guy so I don’t think losing water weight would be too big a deal for him

  • fightfan says:

    This will NEVER happen in 3 months. It takes 6 months, PLUS just to RE-NEGOTIATE contract after every fight. Even though he is on back to back losses, M-1 will still try to get a million, and get M-1 pasted on every Showtime broadcast, and still try to get more tv deals and basically do whatever they want.

    Face it, its over. Fedor might make a decent LH, but his days as a top dog have been gone for 5 years. I dont see Fedor fighting again till next year, EVEN if a spot opens in Grand Prix