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Fedor buzzsaws through Russian Sambo Championships

I dunno if it was the loss from the last Sambo tournament or his coach’s heckling after the Arlovski fight, but something had Fedor fighting like he had a bee in his bonnet this weekend at the Russian Sambo Championships:

Fedor Emelianenko captured the Russian Combat Sambo Championship for the fifth time over the weekend. For the entire tournament he spent less than a minute in the ring with the final lasting less than 20 seconds. Unlike last years world championships, this tournament was a cake walk for the WAMMA heavyweight champion.

Above you can see the gold medal bout, which consists of Fedor tossing his anonymous opponent to the ground and keylocking the fuck out of him. Fedor makes it look effortless, but then again he has a tendency to make most of his fights look that way. Now that he avenged his loss from the World Sambo Tournament, can I go back to saying he needs to let somebody else hog the sambo spotlight for a while?