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Fedor and Timmy for the most disputed undisputed championship

There’s this organization out there called WAMMA which is … they do … uuh. Well let’s let the impartial robots at MMA Junkie tell you what they’re around for:

WAMMA formed in November of last year as MMA’s first sanctioning body with goals that include creating greater visibility for the sport and recognizing world champions in each weight class. The organization’s first order of business was assembling a group of journalists and bloggers to rank the best of the best in MMA.

We’ve never really been impressed by WAMMA, so we decided Fightlinker was going to start it’s own sanctioning body called AMMOMMA. And up until now we’ve probably been just as active if not more than WAMMA. But now WAMMA is actually doing ‘something’: they’ve announced that the Sylvia vs Fedor fight will be for the “undisputed world heavyweight championship.”

There’s good things and bad things about this:

GOOD: This won’t be a three round fight anymore, which lessens Sylvia’s chances of coasting to a boring win using his jab.

GOOD: This means there’s not going to be a retarded Affliction belt covered in fleur-de-lys and skulls wearing tophats.

BAD: They’re calling this the ‘undisputed world heavyweight championship’, which is wrong on so many levels. I can’t think of a more disputed heavyweight championship to win. Other promotions can get away with having belts because they signify the strongest fighters in their promotions. But winning the WAMMA championship, what the fuck does that mean? You’ve got a guy in Tim Sylvia who just lost to the UFC champion against Fedor, who hasn’t fought any meaningful competition in YEARS. I’d say there’s a whole bunch of dispute behind this undisputed championship belt.

Anyways, past mocking WAMMA and their stupid belt, at least this means we get a five round fight.

  • Carcass says:

    But if Fedor wins, he’s beaten Nogueira twice already…

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @Carcass: But he beat him in PRIDE. You know, where there was no drug testing, no steroid testing, involvement from the Yakuza and numerous attempts to fix fights. Let’s see them fight with some regulations.

  • D-Rock Dizzle Jones says:

    Jema if you think Fedor did drugs and steroids your just plain retarted.

    The guy isn’t ripped and def. doesn’t look like he’s been hitting the weight.

    Plus look at how Herring flash KOed Noguiera in the UFC. Fedor demolished Herring in Pride and beat Noquiera twice.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    hope it doesnt go five rounds cus that would mean boring timsylvia fight

  • Smithers says:

    Check out WAMMA’s ratings: Sylvia went UP in their latest heavyweight rankings, even though he has lost two of his past three fights. Already they’re trying to artificially pump people up to make their title seem more important.

  • Here’s my little follow up question on that one, say somehow they end up getting together the Randy/Fedor fight, would that then not be for the ‘undisputed world heavyweight championship’. It would pretty much be the UFC champion vs. the Pride/Intertional champion, and both have been rated at #1 HW’s for a while, so I would think so.

  • el feo xiii says:

    i know. WAMMA. what the fuck.

    why not call it the YABBA DABBA DOO belt…

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    If Randy where tobeat Fedor for the Yamma belt, there’s still nogueira.

  • kwagnuth says:

    Wether it is a legit belt or not it is gonna burn dana Whites’s ass. Who knows he might even start doing do a cross promotion or two just to get the wamma belts in the UFC.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    What a fucking joke…

  • S. Jennum says:

    Wait, Hattori, are you saying they are fighting for the WAMMA in the YAMMA?

    All these damn AMMAs. My head hurts …

  • ajadoniz says:

    lol impartial robots.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Lost the belt to Fedor? Man, I must’ve been sleeping for a year or so.

  • I was invited to join WAMMA. 100% fact

  • jakey says:

    i want my mamma