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Fedor and Chan Sung Jung sparred on Korean TV

It used to be unnecessarily kind to call American TV “recycled Hollywood vomit”; Asian TV shows were galaxies ahead of us throughout the last decade. But now Asian TV shows seem to be falling back into parity with American entertainment: the Americans now have a worthwhile entry to the fat-people-falling-off-of-foam-rubber-obstacles genre in Wipeout. And while the Asians still have the market cornered when it comes to ” target=”_blank”>dog-monkey rodeo. So there, Asia.

But as far as combat sports go, Asia still has us by a mile. We are stuck with lame number-one contender fights and yawn-inducing sportsdesk bobbleheads talking ad nauseum while South Korea gets to see the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung sparring with Fedor Emelianenko on live TV. The match ended with a gnarly submission in one minute, whereas the Americans had to watch their boring snugglefests for two hours and saw nothing but boring decision outcomes. Not only that, on screen at the same time in the Korean TV broadcast were several cross-dressers and an androgynous person wearing what appears to be a bear suit.

The TV show on which this segment appeared, Star King, also features a weight loss segment (because who couldn’t stand to lose a few pounds?) and several other acts, including a girl who folds herself in half. Therefore, American TV must not lull itself into complacency now that it has permission to use the F-word and is in the process of getting permission to show more titties. We still have a long way to go to catch up with Asia’s unbridled TV awesomeness.