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Fedor added to ADCC 2009

When it comes to grappling tournaments, there ain’t many more prestigious than the annual Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Wrestling Championships. There’s two reasons why it’s become so big: due to the rules and scoring, it’s neutral ground for different grappling arts to compete against eachother. And past that, the tournament is invitational and every year the lineup is pretty sick. The last ADCC included Rani Yahira, Renzo Gracie, Saulo Ribeiro, Dennis Hallman, Mark Bocek, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Demian Maia, Xandre Ribeiro, Robert Drysdale, Jeff Monson, Gabriel Gonzaga, Kyra Gracie, and Dean Lister. And that was a weak lineup compared to some from the past.

2009 looks to be huge as the ADCC has announced that they’ve locked up Fedor Emelianenko and Gregard Mousassi to compete. I’m pretty sure Mousassi was packaged in with the deal for Fedor (his Russian managers can’t seem to do any deal without adding in a bunch of random shit), but I’m down with checking out how he does. If he doesn’t get insta-subbed (happens to the best of fighters), it’ll surely increase his stock in the MMA world.

But the big question now is if Fedor’s participation will draw more starpower for this year’s tournament. You know the score: everyone wants a piece of Fedor, so expect dudes to come out of the woodwork to compete against him. Another related question: will the UFC allow some of it’s bigger name fighters to compete in the tournament?