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Featherweights rejoice, Jose Aldo may be departing to terrorize another division

Jose Aldo is outgrowing the UFC featherweight division, and not in terms of competition. Aldo is a monstrous featherweight, and the cut down to 145 is getting harder and harder on him as he grows into his body. Don’t forget, when Aldo stormed the WEC he was only 22. Now 26, Jose is just a larger man, and has spoken of moving up to lightweight for some time.

Well, if he gets by Frankie Edgar on Superbowl weekend, he’s planning on doing just that. Aldo spoke to reporters about his future plans (via MMAFighting):

“I’ve considered going to lightweight. As soon as my trainer decides that I can go up, then I will. This fight with Edgar will be a turning point. If I can win [against] him well, then I can prove that I can go [to lightweight].

“He has a very strong reputation thanks to destroying several opponents. That’s the motivation for me to face him and that will be probably my last biggest challenge [at featherweight].”

Featherweights everywhere were certainly treated to ginormous boners when they heard the news. However, if Jose leaves, would they just be trading one dictator for another?

In 1953, a young Fidel Castro led a revolution against the tyranical government of Fulgencio Batista. After some setbacks, including capture and a brief stay in a Cuban prison, which is probably not too much fun, Castro’s coup eventually succeded and he took over the country in 1959.

Cubans rejoiced their new, charismatic leader. But their jubilation was short lived. An unfortunate historical byproduct of popular uprising is that revelutionaries like Castro tend to lose their lust for the romantic allure of revolution once they gain power. Then they just become scumbag tyrants themselves.

To sound like a pathetic asshole who regurgitates mundane sayings, be careful what you wish for.

If Jose Aldo wins and moves on to 155, the division will still have to contend with Frankie Edgar, who absent the likes of Aldo will have a clear path to the castle. Aldo’s difficulty making 145 may be the one thing that makes him the preferrable dictator. Mark Hominick made Aldo look mortal for the first time in his career, and I’d bet a testi that had very little to do with equitable skills and a whole lot to do with a brutal weight cut. As it stands now, Edgar, who at 145 will be at his natural fighting weight, will dominate everyone in that division minus Aldo.

The 145 pound division could use a little revelutionary chaos, and with either scenario providing that, this is a win-win situation for most interested parties. The only ones who suffer, as is always the case, are the indigenous who must toil under the oppressive thumb of their master.