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Fat bastards getting repped on TUF 10

As if TUF 10 didn’t have enough going on as it was with Kimbo Slice and a bevvy of former NFL players, now word is coming out that the show will also include super-chub heavyweight Roy Nelson and potentially washed up UFC vet Wes Sims.

Anyone unfortunate enough to see Roy Nelson fight in high definition isn’t likely to forget who he is, but just in case here’s the details: he was the former IFL heavyweight champ and defended his lovely snakeskin belt twice before the company dissolved. Since then his only two fights were losses to Andrei Arlovski and Jeff Monson – both fights he claims (100% correctly regarding the Monson fight and about 50% regarding the Arlovski fight) he got fucked over in.

Wes Sims is best known for a pair of salty fights with Frank Mir, the first of which ended with Sims illegally stomping Frank Mir and the second resulting in Frank Mir’s only KO highlight other than the Nogueira fight. Oh, and he also had a run in with default Strikeforce light heavyweight contender Mike Kyle in the UFC. Kyle bit him on the chest during his fight. What, do you think illegally breaking that dude’s skull was the only horrible thing Kyle has ever done in the cage?

Unless we hear about any more big names magically appearing in this season of TUF, I’m giving Roy Nelson the best chance of winning it all. Sims is more of a wild card. He got so bad at one point that he was providing can service across North America, hitting a 4 fight slump that included losses to minor league hockey enforcer Steve Bosse.

It’s interesting to see the UFC stack TUF so full of interesting candidates. Surely this must be it now, right? We now know who 10 of the 16 heavyweights are. Is that the end of the surprises or are there more to come as the last six are revealed?

(thanks to Watch Kalib Run for an appropriately gross picture of Nelson showing off his girth)