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Fantasy team State of the Union address + TUF finale results

So by now you guys are familiar with the story of our MMA Playground team and (un)friendly competition with Bloody Elbow. You know – curb stomping, wedgies, yada yada. Well the season has ended at MMA Playground, which means the dust has settled and we’re able to see how well we did against them and in general.

Last place. Well, what’re you gonna do. It isn’t terrible considering we joined about halfway through the list of events. The next season starts tomorrow with UFC 107. That’s our chance to rush these other camps from the very first opportunity rather than showing up late like we did this time.

But there are still TUF 10 finale results:

YES! We win again! You see that? Do you? Bloody Elbow’s readers don’t have anything on us. Jackals are smarter than…whatever they call themselves over there (pretentious jerklets?). That just has to bring their house of cards superiority complex crashing back down to reality. Sure, their “score”, whatever that is, is higher than ours, but we have a better picks percentage and lost less money, so screw ’em.

Thank you to everyone who joined our team this season. We’re still accepting members, which you can see how to get with us in this post. Next season will be the one they memmer for its brutal slayings of all other camps by the Jackals. And I don’t know who user “frowned” is, but he recently removed himself from our camp. I dunno if he realizes I’m the person who sees all camp activity, but whatever the case, let’s get on the guy’s head for abandoning ship.

*UPDATE* OK, well, damn. Eugene from Bloody Elbow’s team has just informed us that the season actually ends tomorrow with 107. Thank you for the heads up, dood.