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Fantasy picks results + announcement

Congratulations to FinalImpact for being so s-m-r-t with his picks last night. Full event results for everyone on the team can be found on this page.

And as you can see, our plan to give embarrassment to some of those smug elitists at Bloody Elbow is going perfectly. Not only did we beat their sub-.500 percentage for 105 picks but we came in second on the site overall. Eugene can make arbitrary retroactive smack talk rules all he wants because we still beat them on singular events.

For those 29 people who didn’t get their picks in: I’m gonna punch you in the jeans for dragging down the curve. (Or whatever reason to justify punching you for not making picks.) We just finished up an event with only two thirds of the cavalry and it better not happen again. I want all of us possible making picks for the next full season, which begins with UFC 106 next Saturday.

So if you’re a member (or want to join the cause), MAKE YOUR PICKS! I’ll even give you the page here to make it easy for you. Get them in before Saturday because that’s when the next season starts and we want to build up a lead. Thank you to everyone who helped us give BE a reality check about their smarts and good luck with the picks!