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Fantasy picks important announcement

Our team over at fantasy site MMA Playground has blown up since we started it last month. We currently stand at 50 members, but we need ten more to get to the “Super-Heavyweight” category. Right now we’re in the company of the homies at Turkish Cat Mafia, James Thompson’s War Wagon, and The War Room, but they aren’t our target. We want to pimp-slap that smug look off of all 200+ members of BE’s camp (with all due respect), and god help me, we will.

So to those people who requested invites: LOGIN AND ACCEPT THEM!

I know for a fact there are more than ten people that haven’t done so because they haven’t logged in since requesting.

We need to get above sixty members within the next ten days so we can go head to head with BE on UFC 104 and DREAM 12. I know for a fact our prognostication skills can pick those losers’ skills up and swirly them (again, with all due respect). Make sure to get your picks in on both the Primary and Secondary leagues as soon as possible.

For those not in on the fun yet, register at and request an invite from us here at our camp page.

Victory will be ours!