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Fans hate on Choi for awesome movie

Looks like Hong Man Choi is getting some hate from his Korean fans … although not for appearing in a complete mockery of an MMA fight with Jose Canseco:

In other news, DREAM Super Hulk Tournament participant Choi Hong Man is once again getting criticized by Korean net users. This time because he appeared in a Japanese movie called Goemon. “Live in Japan”, “Don’t come to Korea” were a couple of comments people wrote in the guestbook (the only place on the internet where you could communicate with Choi) of the site. Apparently Choi wrote “Just stop for a minute” before that section of the site was cut. Events like this can’t be good for Choi considering his sad blog post of last year and how he has looked lately. Some Korean net users can be really nasty when it comes to celebrities.

I have no idea why anyone would criticize Choi for appearing in Goemon. It looks like the most fucking awesome thing anyone could be involved in! Way cooler than Choi’s rapping, anyways. Maybe there’s some underlying anger still lingering from Hong Man’s military service dodge?