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Fans ask the questions at UFC 91 presser

Something cool from yesterday’s UFC 91 presser:

One interesting twist to the press conference was the addition of fan questions. Several attendees in the MGM lobby were allowed to throw some querys at the fighters and White. Somehow I don’t see the NFL allowing that anytime soon. Maybe it’s another example of how MMA has developed a close bond with its fans while the traditional power sports seem to have a  chasm growing between their athletes and fans.

To be fair, other sports have more psychos than MMA … if you let them ask questions it would all be “Can you fuck my wife?” and “You’re a goddamn bum, Favre!” It’s not like mixed martial arts is immune to this shit happening … UFC Fight Club Q&A sessions quickly devolve into people asking for hugs and signatures from Dana White, and there was that time when some chick spazzed out on Dana White for treating Tito Ortiz like shit. But hey, it’s all fun and games until someone asks Dana White something pointed about fighter pay that the rest of the press corps doesn’t have the balls to ask.