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Famous last words

I know he’s barely literate, but is Kurt Pellegrino aware that there’s an ‘internet’ where all the words that come out of his mouth get written down and put ‘online’ in ‘articles’ that people ‘read’? Because I think he just painted himself into a pretty hardcore corner with this recent interview:

I’m not a typical guy that walks around with a Tapout shirt on or a Warrior Wear shirt. In fact, I really don’t like fighting, I never did. I just did it ’cause I like to compete. If I could run around and do jiu-jitsu and make the money I do, I would do jiu-jitsu for the rest of my life. I love the UFC, and I love that I’m here, but when my time is over, my time is over. I fight because I love to win, and I’m only going to fight in this industry until there’s no more time left for me to fight in the UFC. You’ll never see Kurt Pellegrino fight for another company besides the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so when my time is up, Kurt Pellegrino is GONE.

Pretty ballsy words for someone who was just on the edge of washing out of the UFC. But I’m a Batman fan (as in a Pellegrino fan, not a real Batman fan that shit is for nerds) so I won’t hold this retirement vow against him when I go to see him fight at a King of the Cage show in two years.