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Face Smash Fu?

I always bitch about EliteXC drowning in useless upper management, so it might be a bit hypocritical of me to tell them they need to hire someone new. But they really need someone to look over everything they do and get rid of ideas and stupid shit that makes MMA look like a joke on CBS. You can call this position the ‘legitimacy babysitter’.

If they had one of those, maybe we wouldn’t have had Benji Radach’s style listed as ‘FaceSmashFu’. Everyone else in the sport is trying to push the idea that these are serious athletes using legitimate martial arts, but the first fight of the night on CB fucking S features a guy who’s style is FACE SMASHING. Great.

I will admit that it was a pretty fitting style – Benji Radach took the fight to Ninja Rua, knocking him stupid repeatedly in the first round and then smashing his face into the canvas to win the fight in the second. But come on … can’t there be someone at EliteXC that’s in charge of making sure MMA’s reputation isn’t raped all night long with crap like this?

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/EliteXC/CBS