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Fabricio Werdum has plans of his own

If you thought the bullshit keeping Strikeforce’s oh so exciting heavyweight division in perma-limbo couldn’t get any dumber, you’d be wrong. Not content to let Alistair Overeem and Fedor Emelianenko be the only divas in the division, Fabricio Werdum is now thinking he wants to do his own thing too:

“I used this trip to make a couple of good contacts in Abu Dhabi and Japan. Strikeforce want me to return in March against Fedor [Emelianenko] or [Alistair] Overeem, but I’m looking forward to having a fight before that one. I don’t have an exclusive contract with Strikeforce, only for the U.S., and I got a nice proposal in Abu Dhabi and another one in Japan,” explained Werdum, who plans to begin working out with trainer Rafael Cordeiro this week.
“I’ve got my last professional commitment in New York. By next week, I’ll be back helping ‘Babalu’ and Fernando Bettega who will fight for Strikeforce on Dec. 4. My arm is 100 percent now and I feel that by February, I’ll be ready to fight in Abu Dhabi or Japan.”

Non-exclusive contracts sure are fun, aren’t they? I suppose I can’t blame Werdum too much … he knows his expected role in Strikeforce is to lose to either Overeem or Fedor next. Why be the random schlub that stopgaps the fight between those two guys when you can be the belle of the ball anywhere else?

  • pewnt says:

    Strikeforce’s 2011 HW scene is looking good……lol

    At this point I would be happy with Silva/Rogers for the interim title. Forget Fedor, Overeem, and Werdum. Let them do what they want, and make the best out of what is left over.

    Get Barnett licensed today. Strikeforce will have BIG trouble if he cannot get cleared to fight AFTER booking a fight. Again (see Affliction: Trilogy).

  • CRM_Stephen says:

    Non-exclusive contract you say…

    Abu Dhabi you say…

    Obvious conclusion: Werdum-Couture at UFC 128.

  • scissors61 says:

    I’m all for Werdum giving Fedor’s management a taste of their own medicine. Everyone knows Fedor wants that rematch, and I don’t blame him, but if Fabricio can cavort around the world and drive Finklefuck nuts while doing so more power to him.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Another Strikeforce HW with a wandering eye? LOL

    I do like the fact that the goons at M1 are getting a getting a taste of their own medicine. Kind of comical.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    This is hilarious. I hope he fights Herschel Walker or Ken Shamrock in the meantime and then renegotiates his contract for a year.

    Fedor could’ve made millions with Brock. Now he’ll wait till Uber gets beaten badly and then wonder why no one will pay him to fight.

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