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Faber wants to coach TUF


Team Alpha Male is trying to throw their tiny weight around. Joseph Benavidez is hoping the UFC gets it’s flyweight division going before he gets crushed by bigger dudes. And here’s Urijah Faber channelling Natasha Wicks and making the case for himself as a TUF coach. Considering he regularly added 100,000 to 700,000 extra viewers per WEC he fought on, I’d say he has a pretty decent claim.
Another red-hot superstar is ready for his time as a coach:

While Fitch’s time on the show was brief, it gave him a taste of how the show works and what it’s like to work with a team of young, hungry up and comers. The experience was enough in that short time that he asked UFC president Dana White to consider him as a coach for a future season.
“It would be cool, I’d really like to do it. I actually talked to Dana about it, and told him that I was interested if ever the opportunity came around,” Fitch told MMAWeekly Radio about coaching on the show.

And here I thought he was finally starting to understand how the real world works. Well, I have the perfect role for Fitch: instead of the standard ‘fight control’ schizm that basically allows one team to annihilate the other by picking the fights, how about randomly picking fights by shooting Jon out of a cannon at a wall with fighter pictures?