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Faber still has UFC dreams

While the WEC is busy trying to build a PPV platform with Urijah Faber as a major load bearing pillar, it sounds like Faber is still more interested in chasing big money fights than sticking specifically with his current promotion:

“I’ll probably go down to 135 (pounds) [then] go up to 155,” he said. “I don’t want to fight any of my buddies at [135 pounds]. I’ll just fight people I don’t like, and fights the fans want to see.

“(It’s the) same with going up in weight. I’m not trying to mow through the weight class; I’m trying to fight superfights that fans want to see. At this point for me, I’ve had 26 fights, and I just want to do big, exciting fights. Go up? Go down? It’s all good.”

The guys he talked about at 155? Tyson Griffin and BJ Penn. Jeez, you’d think the WEC didn’t have a lightweight division for Faber to fight in. Of course, it’s not like any of this is immediate. Faber still has to get past Aldo and then he might want to consider finally beating Mike Brown too. By then we’ll know whether the WEC can tread water on pay per view and who knows? At that point everyone might be making the jump to the UFC.