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Faber and Cruz will test drive the new TUF format

(We’ll see if Master Tong is less pissed about the inevitable decision this time around)

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have been bandied around as possibilities for the TUF coaching gig since the WEC was folded into the UFC, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that their time has finally come. They’ll now be the first coaches under the new live FX format for the show. It all sets things up for Urijah Faber’s fourth title shot in three years, so lets hope he jumps this Cruz hurdle so we don’t have to sit through tries number 5, 6, and 7.

Putting the fate of New TUF into the hands of bantamweight fighters is a bit of a ballsy move, even when you take into account North America’s unwavering perma-boner for Urijah Faber. Thus far the lighter weight guys have been having some trouble moving the mainstream interest needle, and it’s important for the sanity of us paranoid UFC fans that the ratings do well or it means the MMA sky is falling! But who knows, it could be great. Dancing with the Stars is hot right now, so maybe people will love Dominick Cruz. And Urijah could turn the dueling coaches format on it’s head and instead blast us in the face with some chill California loving. “Hey, let’s hang ten instead of arguing, bro. Wanna share an organic salad and work our feelings out?”

Meanwhile, SB Nation talks to Spike about a coaching choice that sounded awesome when it was made but led to the worst TUF ratings in the history of the show:

Jack Encarnacao spoke with Spike TV President Kevin Kay and asked him about the poor ratings of the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter — the lowest rated in the six year run — and Kay named one of the big causes: former UFC and WWE heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.

“Look, the Brock Lesnar season just wasn’t that good. Let’s be honest. It wasn’t the Brock that the audience expected. The audience wanted Brock the bad guy, and Brock was more of a good guy, and I don’t think it was that great a season,” Kay said.

In theory it was a great choice but it ended up being a guy who no speaka des englis across from someone who said nothing but CHICKEN SHIT CHICKEN SALAD CHICKEN SHIT CHICKEN SALAD for several weeks. Stop pretending you’re a civilized human being, Brock. Throw some dudes across the TUF training center, tear all the doors off their hinges, and beat your chest like the silverback gorilla we all came to see!