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Faber and Brown get’r done

Both Urijah Faber and Mike Brown won their respective fights last night. It took Brown about a minute and a half to get back in his groove before turning things up and catching Anthony Morrison in a rear naked choke, while Faber was a bit slower (albeit with a harder opponent), tentatively testing out his recently broken hands a bit before taking over in the second round and catching Raphael Assuncao with a RNC late in the third.

Faber is now officially next in line for Jose Aldo, and the big question is if the show will be free or if the WEC is going to try and jump into PPV with it. Considering the rocky road for attendance and ratings that the organization has been having, I’d say the time may not be quite ripe yet. Sure, you can blame the attendance thing on Vegas trash not giving a shit about the WEC and the ratings drop on Versus’ recent DirecTV issues. But that doesn’t negate the fact that these are still problems the WEC might want to fix first before moving on to the even tougher nut to crack that is PPV.