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Extra Extra! Football player uses steroids

For our obvious news of the day, it turns out that former pro football player Johnnie Morton was juicing, and not just a little:

Morton’s test results showed a T/E ratio score of 83.9, which indicates an elevated level of Testosterone. According to CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia, the standard for an athlete is 6.

I have no idea what Morton was thinking trying to get away with this. Did he not realize that he would be tested? He comes from the NFL, which is one of the strictest leagues in major sports when it comes to steroid testing (6 random players per team per week). So you figure he’d be used to either flushing or faking the test. I originally assumed his refusal to take the second piss test was on account of him not having his handy spare urine sample with him at the hospital. Now that his first test came back positive, I really wonder how stupid Morton has to be. But hey, at least he didn’t try to use zombie/animal piss.

  • Jonathan says:

    Maybe he thought that with all of the bolly hoo surrounding the fight and the way that the entire card was preceding, that there would be a good chance that he could “slips through the cracks”. Its not like he needed the money or anything, and he was probably banking more for a win then getting paid.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    What were the potential gains for Morton taking this fight? If he won, no one would have really cared because, at least to the majority, Ackah is an unknown name and done so in a relatively unknown, at least in The States, organization.

    But he didn’t win. He came in more juiced-up than the Kool Aid Man and got knocked out so hard, his junior varsity football team from high school fell too. He gets dropped by a Japan-based comedian and gets carried out on a stretcher.

    Seriously, Johnnie, was it really worth the $100,00, which you don’t even receive now? This man is obviously an idiot. That’s the only reasoning I can find for this gamble. I mean, really, this man just ended his career. Even McDonald’s would give pause to hiring a known steroid freak with a glass chin. Although I doubt it, I hope that Morton banked most of that NFL money.

    The best option for Morton at this point would be to take every last cent that he has left in the bank from his NFL days and pay a very powerful PR Agent to try to strengthen his image up to the level of at least moron.

    Why, Johnnie, why? You’re a complete idiot…

  • Jonathan says:

    GonzoDamon, I think that he honestly believed that a win in the show against anybody…even someone like Ackah, would catapult him to bigger and better things in MMA…and I do not think that it was for the money as much as it was for his ego. I imagine his ego must be gargantuan or colossal even.

    As for the rest of your post, outstanding job. I am sorry if you were a fan of his.

  • Yep, the whole thing makes no sense. Ah well, when you’re dumb it sometimes bites you in the ass

  • Mattio says:

    Royce Gracie failed his drug test too.