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Expect more changes to DREAM tournament

It’s no wonder that the UFC doesn’t like tournaments (except of course when it comes to the Ultimate Fighter, in which case they swear by them). Since the last PRIDE OWGP, I haven’t heard of a major tournament that has gone down well. The IFL tournament had a ton of changes. The YAMMA tournament … lets not even get into how exciting that was. And we’ve been watching as fucked up bookings, unwilling participants, and injuries have taken a lot of the gas out of the two DREAM grand prixs. Now there’s official word from Japan that the second round of these tournaments is going to be very different from what the brackets are saying now:

Too long to translate, but the summary is that between fighters like Masakatsu Funaki losing and Kiyoshi Tamura suffering a finger injury, everything is in a state of flux right now with both DREAM GP tournaments. In other words, expect some past fighters (like JZ Calvan) to be possibly re-booked as replacements in the tournament format.

In a way, this could be good because it will allow DREAM to cherry pick the fights it wanted to see in the first place. One of the biggest issues with these tournaments thus far is you got the feeling that DREAM set things up so the really interesting matchups would happen in the future rounds, making round 1 pretty weak overall. After what happened with Misaki at the Bushido tournament I stopped caring about Japanese grand prixs for anything past entertainment value. They could stick Bob Sapp into the lightweight grand prix and it wouldn’t bother me at all.

  • MouseyFoo says:

    All right…so…he isn’t going to translate it, but you’re still going to post like you have any idea what he’s talking about??

    “Too long to translate, but the summary is that between fighters like Masakatsu Funaki losing and Kiyoshi Tamura suffering a finger injury”

    WTF?? Funaki and Tamura fought EACH OTHER…so at most this would mess up a single seed.

    J.Z. is in the lightweight tournament…which has been set for months…

    Also, it wouldn’t matter much if Sakuraba is out of the MWGP. If the proposed Manhoef/Gracie fight goes off, and Mayhem/Shibata goes off ,they have their 8 first round fights set without Sakuraba.

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    Misaki stepped up because Filho refused to fight injured, and they needed SOMETHING to put on TV

    This is just K-1 meddling because the guys that represent Hero’s all got hosed/will get hosed and it’s fucking up their pro wrestling advertising horseshit

  • garth says:

    the strikeforce tournament went well. at least for everyone not named sean salmon.

  • I’m trying to remember why the strikeforce tournament was bad. I know Salmon got in because another fighter wasn’t able to compete, and didn’t something else happen in the finals? Was there an alternate? Damn memory

  • godzillad says:

    Yuki Sasaki couldn’t pass his meds the day of weigh-ins, Samlon stepped in for him against Santiago and got slaughtered.

    Coincidentally, Sasaki is now set to fight Santiago…… JAPAN…..

  • pauli says:

    jz is going to be seeded into round 2 of the middleweight tournament.

    true story.