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“Expect FEG and TBS to put on a great show”

You’ve heard the doom and gloom interpretation of what’s going on with FEG aka K-1 / DREAM’s annual Dynamite!! show. Now let’s hear how the bigger sites like Sherdog are seeing the situation:

With FEG programming doing mediocre ratings — resulting in the mounting dissatisfaction of their television partner, the Tokyo Broadcasting System — one would think that it’s incumbent on Dynamite to perform well this year to ensure that K-1 and Dream have a home on Japanese network television in 2011. TBS themselves also don’t want to lose the high-stakes ratings war on Dec. 31 if they have anything to say about it, and thus will have a big hand in shaping this card, regardless of what Dream EP Sasahara claims about its new “serious MMA” direction.

(I)t should be noted that only one fight has been announced so far on this twelve to thirteen fight bill. While Dream hasn’t always been the best at announcing fights well in advance of a card, the delay we’ll see for Dynamite 2010’s fight announcements will have more of a tactical reason behind them.

Depending on what popular J-Pop and enka artists are announced and scheduled for the Red and White Song Battle, TBS and FEG will have to work together to strategically announce and schedule bouts for their Dynamite telecast — thus the reason why Dynamite airs on a slight tape-delay on Japanese TV. Whether using popular bouts to counter-program or putting fights of little appeal up against known ratings killers from other programs and channels, bout announcement and scheduling must be done in a way to effectively garner Dynamite the most ratings.

At this point, we still have no way of knowing whether Dynamite will shape up the way Dream EP Sasahara has claimed it will, but we should be skeptical that FEG and TBS would abandon the chase for mainstream viewers on such an important day for television viewing. All FEG programming could use a ratings boost these days — particularly so for their year-end effort — and thus, we’ll have to wait and see whom FEG and TBS will tab for Dynamite and just how exactly they’ll rationalize each bout as having serious implications in the greater scheme of fight sport. However it turns out though, expect FEG and TBS to go all out and put on a great show, as they really have no other choice for New Year’s Eve.

I like this vision of FEG and TBS execs lovingly tweaking every 15 minute portion of Dynamite!! to maximize awesomeness and ratings. Unfortunately, most evidence points towards FEG having no money, an empty bag of tricks, and an increasingly iffy relationship with their TV partner.