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EXCLUSIVE: Parasite eating Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua’s brain!!!

Okay, so a brain parasite ISN’T eating away at the delicious mater of Ninja’s brain, sipping cerebrospinal fluid like fine wine. And we can throw out my theory that his removal was steroid related too. The truth is a lot more boring. The truth is he’s got a foot injury. SNORE:

“I hurt my foot training, it’s very swollen and I can’t step properly. I’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow, I don’t think it’s too serious, but I should go 15 to 20 days without training. It would surely have been the most important fight of my life, as it will be seen by over 30 million people, a landmark for MMA. I was very sad, but all I can do is get back to training for my next fight when I can. Sooner or later I’ll face Baroni, as this will be a good fight. EliteXC treated me really well and gave me all the support it could, also saying they will try and fit me in the next event. Soon I’ll be fighting,” said the Universidade da Luta athlete.

As the spotlight continues to get brighter and losses continue to increase in importance, you’re going to see more and more fights where fighters pull out after taking a small injury that stops them from training properly. You know, back in the good ol’ days fighters used to train uphill through the snow with MCLs and ACLs snapped and flopping around. And they didn’t say mum about it.

So what changed? Well, these guys are no longer at that point of destitution where they can’t afford to pull out of a fight. So here’s the solution: we need to pay these guys LESS. Much much much less. That way we won’t see them pulling out of fights when they stub a toe on their golden humidors. Fucking fatcats.

**UPDATE** How could I freaking forget between the 5 minutes of grabbing an image and posting it that I need to credit the person who took it??? As usual with awesome EliteXC related pictures, this is more of jackal Esther Lin’s work!