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Evil Pat Miletich spreads havoc!

Here’s a super secret website, full of such sensitive information any threads started about it on the famous Underground Forums get deleted within minutes. Here’s one of the nuggets of tabloid goodness which rival even Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan in their salaciousness:

For quite some time now, Pat has also been intimately involved with a woman in the local area by the name of Joy Williams. She is reportedly a local stripper (Hooker??) by trade. [Note to self: Do I know any strippers \ hookers who are not involved in the recreational and illicit drug scene?]. She has been passed around the MFS gym like the prize in a box of crackerjacks.

Here’s the first bit of proof that this guy doesn’t know what he’s writing about : the prizes in a box of crackerjacks suck! In fact, no one even eats crackerjacks anymore. What the fuck is this, 1968? Pat Miletich and the gang were out at the ice cream fountain eating sundaes and crackerjacks or some shit?

When you’re checking out this site, try to remember this: people lie all the time about everything. If you listen to what some people say, they’ll have you believe I’m a nobody living in his mom’s basement writing this site and playing dungeons & dragons (second edition, baby). When the truth is I’m a 6’10 handsome son of a bitch and barber to all the MMA stars. I shave and wax both Dana White and Bas Rutten’s heads which is where I get all my scoops and exclusives. Now that is the truth.

  • Darrius says:

    sir, GSP has won 30 rounds in a row but apnpreatly Dan Hardy won several rounds due to poor judging , arm bar escapes, and kumura rolling defense.GSP has NEVER been in any trouble against any opponent in the last 8 fights..Those pussy’ jabs that fractured Joshs’ orbital in round 1 didn’t impress you.Perhaps you were impressed by Koscheck’s offense.No Strikes, no takedowns. no defense and one fractured orbital. Haha penn, alves, hardy,,kos and fitch have 1 in 1M odds