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Everyone wants to work with Strikeforce

Add Bellator to the list of fight promotions who are saying they’d be more than happy to team up with Strikeforce for swapping fighters, fluids, or anything else Scott Coker is up / down for. They own the exclusive contract for Eddie Alvarez, but say they’d be happy to share him ‘if it makes sense’:

“I’m kind of old school,” he said. “If the best fighting the best means that (Strikeforce) fighters would match up through our ESPN alliance on Bellator shows, that’s what will happen. If the best fighting the best would mean there’s an opportunity to test an Eddie Alvarez or a Wilson Reis or a Jorge Masvidal against the best that fight for Strikeforce that would be very cool from my perspective.

“I’m not the kind of promoter that says you’ll fight under this banner and this banner alone,” said Rebney. “If we can make those things work – and I think Scott’s shown a pretty open willingness to make those kind of things happen – and it were the right kind of fight, I’d be completely open to it.”

It will be interesting having a major promotion that everyone is excited to work with. Sure, most of these smaller companies are only doing it because they wanna get their mugs on Showtime and CBS, but that’s an improvement over the days of ProElite when people would only work with them because it was easier to sort out than a lawsuit.