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Everyone thinks Liddell-Jardine is lame.

Since Liddell-Jardine was announced a few days ago it’s been panned across the internet as the least competitive rebound fight we’ve seen in a while. And that says a lot considering Matt Hughes’ rebound was against perennial loser Chris Lytle. Even small-penised Kevin Iole questioned the legitimacy of the match:

White bristled at the notion Liddell-Jardine is not a headline-caliber match. “It is definitely a main event, in my opinion,” he said. “Jardine beat a lot of good guys, and he absolutely deserves to be fighting Chuck. He wouldn’t if Chuck still had the title, but I don’t think he needs to win a lot of fights just to get a fight with Chuck.”

Telling us Jardine-Liddell is main event caliber is like smearing shit on a cracker and calling it caviar. The fight doesn’t even really have many division ramifications. People in the know are already saying Wanderlei / Chuck is going to end up on New Year’s Eve regardless of how this match turns out. And even if Jardine somehow manages to catch Liddell, I don’t see him getting a title shot out of it. Maybe a shot at a shot, but who gives a damn about that?

People care about fights because of ramifications or personality. This fight has no serious ramifications (other than possibly signaling the decline of an aging Liddell), and Jardine has the personality of a paperweight. Will this fight be a slugfest? Yeah probably. Will it be epic enough to justify it’s own existence? I seriously doubt it. Kevin Iole said “The UFC continues to prove it “gets it,” which is why the gulf between mixed martial arts and boxing continues to grow.” I dunno … throwing Liddell into a pointless bout with an outclassed opponent to make some bucks on a PPV reminds me of boxing more than MMA.

  • Big Fern says:

    small penised…lol

  • Fred says:

    People should quit complaining about these fights. Obviously, Jardine wasn’t the UFC’s 1st choice to fight Chuck. Who knows what other fighters were asked besides Wanderlei? Not every LHW may be willing to fight Chuck, did you ever think about that? Jardine is a solid fighter, even with the loss to Houston.

    With Shogun/Forrest and Diego/Fitch on the same card, it is a decent card. The whiners are ridiculous.