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Everyone is pissed that Guida-Aurelio is a dark match

Clay Guida gets way more grief than he deserves. Between getting fucked over by decisions and being matched with the best names in the lightweight division, you may have thought it couldn’t get much worse for this guy. Well, now it looks like the next screwjob won’t even be televised … it’ll likely take both the GSP-Kos and Couture-Gonzaga bouts ending quick for Guida-Aurelio to be shown on the UFC74 ppv. And unless Gonzaga kicks Randy’s head off his shoulders 4 minutes into the first, I wouldn’t expect that one to end quick.

I’m not the only one bitching about this. Sam Caplan and half the people on MMA forums agree too. The only thing keeping me from hijacking a Boeing and making demands is the fact that UFC74 is so unbeleivably stacked. It’s one thing to stick Guida on the undercard when you’ve got shit like Ed Herman vs Chris Price being aired. But I really can’t justify bumping any of the main card fights to make room for Guida. So I guess I’ll just sit here and bitch about it, and pray that Joe Stevenson gets hit by a truck or something, making room for Clay’s fight to be aired.

  • Mike O says:

    bah, whatever, i’ll dl it it a couple days after anyways. ILLEGALLY.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    “But I really can’t justify bumping any of the main card fights to make room for Guida”

    HAHA. Joking, yes? Does the name Roger “The Overrated Dodger” Huerta sound familiar. He could use a big bump downwards on this card.

  • Teufel says:

    If it ends up being a “fight of the year” candidate, at the very worst it’ll end up on UFC Unleashed within 2-3 months. They’ve already shown the Couture/Sylvia fight on Spike TV and that wasn’t that long ago.

  • anderson says:

    roger ” the overated dodger” huerta has some exciting fights though….i think i’d bump grove off myself…

  • Jonathan says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this match is a sleeper…as in boring.

  • Royal B. says:

    Guidamania is running wild and needs to be sated.