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Everyone hated Jared

Sherdog has an interview up with former EliteXC and Pride employee Turi Altavilla. As with most of the candid interviews coming out of the company, this one turns into a big hate-fest against Jared Shaw and the dub shit he would do:

Altavilla corroborates that to get rid of Gary Shaw, Pro Elite had top keep his son, Jared, onboard. Seemingly untouchable under the protection of his father in the past, many in the company believed Jared Shaw would be the next to go once the dust cleared.

“I think a lot of us were guilty of keeping our mouths shut, because we thought it was a matter of time before Jared was going to get the boot,” says Altavilla. “We thought it would be any week. Obviously, that never happened.”

In his final months with Pro Elite, Altavilla says Jared Shaw made numerous calls to the media unbeknownst to the rest of the staff. One of those calls pertained to a deadline set for 160-pound champion Karl James Noons, who had entered a contractual dispute with the promotion.

“None of us would have gone out and mentioned all of these things that were a part of KJ’s contract,” says Altavilla. “None of us wanted to take this personally. He took it too far. He seemed to burn a bridge with KJ, and I just don’t see the need for that. You have to think big picture. In a couple of years, we could have been working with KJ again. We were already trying to work with him again.”

I am pretty surprised that the knives didn’t come out for Jared the day his daddy left the company. Also interesting is that there is still very little identification of the nameless people who made all the decisions which financially ruined the company. Jared Shaw is pretty low hanging fruit to pick at and as much of a douche as he is, he’s still more patsy than pilot.