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Every sport has it’s lickspittles

Steve Cofield responds to the hatchet job from CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman by pointing out the glass houses other sports live in when it comes to complacent media:

Freeman is right, Goodell, Selig and Stern are savvy enough to not use bad or offensive language in public. They pull the wool over the fan’s and media’s eyes with a degree of smugness.

During the lead-up to the 2007 NBA All-Star game in Las Vegas David Stern chided ESPNRadio1100 host Paul Howard for asking if the commissioner had worries about game fixing in his sport. Stern, in his utterly smarmy way responded, “frankly, I’m shocked you asked the question, you should know better than to ask that.”

Funny enough, NBA referees were routinely hanging around Las Vegas sportsbooks and one Tim Donaghy was part of an elaborate game fixing scandal. Don’t forget all the “tough, real” NBA reporters like Stephen A. Smith, David Stein and Ric Bucher (all league mouthpieces) who scoffed at the legitimacy of the Donaghy story when it first came out.

Or should we mention how “classy” Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have been by allowing violence against females and DUI’s to run rampant in their league during the 2000’s? Where was the “legit” NFL media to break the Pacman Jones story that first week after he started a melee in a Las Vegas strip club that resulted in Tom Urbanski being paralyzed for life? Chris Mortensen, Peter King, Len Pasquarelli, John Clayton, Howard Balzer and every other “insider” wouldn’t touch the story. Jay Glazer and yours truly were the only ones to put forth the story over the first three days.

No one here is saying that White’s rant wasn’t ridiculous and offensive. He apologized to GLAAD but he still needs to address the b*tch comment as well. Let’s cut the crap with the praise for how wonderful the commissioners in the other leagues are. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention Bud Selig’s rubber-stamping of baseball’s steroid use for 15 years. But we don’t feel too bad since Hall of Famers like Peter Gammons conveniently forgot to do any reporting on the subject during that time period.

At the same time, do other sports have an active blacklist that keeps a shitload of legitimate journalists out of their events? Hey, I dunno … maybe they do. I haven’t payed attention to a ball and/or stick game since I outgrew my dog-like interest in them years ago.