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You’ve heard of MMA Math, but how about Rampage Math? That’s where Rampage takes a look at a situation, does some mental math, and comes up with a completely retarded assessment of it. A good example of this is his whole “I’ve done so much for the UFC / They’ve never done shit for me” theorem, which might make sense in another dimension where up is down, black is white, and Dana White didn’t save Jackson’s career from ruin after that whole mental breakdown / police chase / felony charges incident.

And now here’s another example of Rampage Math:

Just before he left for Australia, Bisping told Fighters Only that he was looking forward to getting some “golden nuggets” of information from Jackson, who to date has faced Silva three times. He lost two of the fights (in PRIDE FC) but won the latest clash by way of a massive KO. Jackson said the knockout was so emphatic that he considers the score to be even.

Yeeeeeaaah … no.