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Even Duffman gets overwhelmed, guys

Looking at the mammoth slab of man beef that is Todd Duffee, you’d never think there was a shy and thoughtful individual under the surface. But that’s exactly what Todd is revealing now, and he wonders if his original firing from the UFC was partially on account of people misunderstanding that:

“It’s been well documented that my dad died and my best friend died and my coach died within a short time period. They were all the people who were the reasons I was in the sport and had done so much…Clearly I made some mistakes, but what exactly it was I have no idea. There’s a shyness in me…Everyone assumes I got arrogant and cocky…Yeah, I am a different person in some aspects. The big thing is I’ve learned how to represent myself and show my true self to people. I was not prepared to deal with the fans and things like that. Some of it’s that I’m stoic by nature and sometimes I’m blunt. Maybe a little too blunt, to be honest.”

He’s still got some of that blunt honesty going on, especially when it comes to himself. As to whether he deserved the call back into the UFC…

“It’s huge, but to be honest I’ve only fought twice since I left [the UFC], so to say I earned my way back isn’t entirely true. But I have an opportunity to earn my way back on Dec. 29.”

He can thank Shane Carwin’s brittle body and the Gypsy Curse Lady for that. Duffee’s inaction has always been slightly puzzling considering he was once the biggest shit on since Sokoudjou. Yet while Sok continued to gas his way through of nearly a dozen more fights, Duffman sat idle except for his NYE sacrifice to Alistair Overeem and an April fight against Neil Grove in India. How’d that go? Well let’s just say much better than the Overeem fight: