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Evans aninomsity towards Rampage due to bromance with Jardine

The camp of fighters over at Team Jackson has always been known to have a very strong bond amongst its members. At first  it appeared to be the natural feeling of mutual respect one would have for his training partners and friends. But now, after the nipple-tweak saga, as well as Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine’s constant declarations that they would never fight each other, it has gotten a little odd. And by “a little odd” I mean “creepy as fuck.” Here’s the current 205 champ telling MMA Insider why he has hard feelings towards Rampage Jackson.

I felt mad because I felt like he disrespected Keith a little bit. Keith tried his ass off and he had a good fight, and Rampage didn’t look all that good to be acting like he killed him or something. I just didn’t like that. Whenever you invest in any of your partners, and when it doesn’t turn around the way you want it to turn out, it kind of hurts your feelings a little bit. And that’s what happened. … I don’t dislike him, but I really want to whup his ass, you know what I’m saying?

Let’s just get it out there: Evans and Jardine need to either cut the shenanigans or come out and say that they are indeed man-lovers. How else do you explain Evans getting all uppitty when he thinks somebody was being mean to poor ol’ Keithy Poo? C’mon. He used the phrase “invest in any of your partners” and we all know “invest” is street-talk for Eff in the A. If that doesn’t spell it out, then he started talking about feelings.

Rampage might not have KOed Jardine or beat him in dominating fashion, but he had just been declared victorious over a very tough top 10 opponent in a fight that he took on fairly short notice. If Rashad comes out and says he wants to get revenge for his teammate, then that would be completely fine. But to get all menstrual because Rampage was celebrating a solid victory is just silly.

And if it is all an attempt to build some animosity before the fight, Rashad needs to take some classes at the Nick Diaz School of Pre-Fight Trash Talk because statements like “I don’t dislike him, but I really want to whup his ass” are just shitty and embarrassing.