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Evan Tanner pays homage to the gods of war

You can’t help but be pumped up by Evan Tanner when he writes shit like this:

I stepped up into the Octagon, under the lights, the canvas cool against the soles of my feet, the quiet of the arena echoing off row after row of empty seats. I stood there in silence, honoring all of the warriors who have stood that ground, and offering a silent prayer for those who will stand there in the future. I paid my respects to whatever gods of war may be, knowing that I would soon be standing this field again, heart pumping, blood coursing, lungs burning, ……battle raging.

I went to the Mandalay Bay early Friday afternoon for a photo shoot and decided to stay for the weigh-ins. I went behind the scenes into the arena, where they were setting up the lights for the show. The Octagon sat there empty. I wanted to step in, wondering if it might feel strange after so long away. The moment I stepped past the gate, and my feet touched the canvas, I knew I was home.

Someday they’re going to make a movie about Evan Tanner’s life, and the only man who will be badass enough to play him will be Chuck freaking Norris.