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Evan Tanner lives a sparse life

Quick quote from a recent Evan Tanner blog entry:

If you are noticing my lack of decor, don’t worry about me. Don’t let the widescreen LCD TV, and the high-end entertainment center over there in the corner throw you off. This is what I choose. The people that are going to judge me by the things I own, I don’t care to know anyway. My friends are not my friends because of what I own. I don’t have a wife. I don’t have children. I’ll make sure to have a beautiful home and nice things for my family someday, but right now it’s just me, and I’m all business. I have my Land Cruiser, my Harley,   some clothes to wear, a place to sleep, and a place to train. That is enough.

As another individual leading a rather sparse existence at the moment, I agree with his philosophy: you sacrifice creature comforts today in order to pursue a dream that might pay off tomorrow. Although I phrase this philosophy in a slightly different way: all I need to be happy is a warm place to sleep, a clean place to shit, and wireless internet.

Past that, I know lots of you are gonna say “He deserves to live like that over that whole gambling thing”. I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise about anything, but for the record Tanner did say the money he started out with at the casino was only 300 bucks (although that fact was lost with the rest of his old blog). Considering all the embarasssing truths he’s told over the years, I don’t see why he’d have lied about that. Keep in mind the guy was a homeless alcoholic under a year ago. Considering that fact, he’s not doing too bad.

  • airipsus says:

    does he own a washing machine and soap?

  • clint notestine says:

    Only two things could keep me from being a Tanner fan: if Evan was a murderer/rapist or if he beat me up for no good reason. Past those to two things he can do no wrong. In fact the more “dumb shit” he does the more I admire him.

  • godzillad says:

    He is also forgetting that he apparently owns a laptop and a digital camera.

  • Xavier says:

    Yet another ploy to sucker saps into sending him money.

  • CagePotato says:

    Oh man, I am judging him so hard right now…

  • ruggertenthousand says:

    You wonder if ‘the game’ has past him by…We won’t really know by his next fight against that can that will be out of the UFC after his next loss. If Tanner loses to da spider, there’s always Sinosic…

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @CagePotato: Me too. Judging him, and judging him, and then he judges me, and then we’re rolling around, and he’s pulling my hair, and I call him mami… Never mind.

    It’s cool to have nothing, but could we take up a collection to buy the guy an iPod shuffle or something? Maybe preload it with inspirational music (I’m thinking of “The Gambler” or “Luck Be a Lady”)? I’m just spit-balling here…

  • Dangerfield says:

    If I was rich I would give evan tanner some money, but unfortunately I am embarking on the great adventure that is selling all your shit to pay rent and gas.

    Btw some tips would be great

  • garth says:

    prices goin’ up, wages staying the same or going down. welcome to bushland.

  • I’m jealous of his simple, spartan existence.
    Kind of.

  • Sean says:

    I don’t know what hes taking about… For most ‘Normal’ people thats the equivalent of college life. Change training for studying, sleeping with partying. I personally think hes doing this for the attention/worship he gets from fans who can’t find something real to be impressed by.

  • CCCombo Breaker! says:

    Someone give this guy a beer after a hard days work.

  • Dan says:

    Tanner rules! I’m still wondering how he has a place to live or managed to keep his Land Cruiser after that week-long 100-and-some-odd-thousand-dollar gambling bender. At least he got his glasses from the mall. Now he’ll be able to clearly see the pictures on the playing cards.

  • Tommy says:

    Does look like Tanner and FL shack up together now.