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Evan Tanner didn’t kill himself

There’s been a bunch of good stuff on Evan Tanner coming out over the past few days. I haven’t been focusing all that much on it because I already said what I wanted to say and I know people tend to come here for shits and giggles. Honestly, the whole situation depresses me and throws me off my wacky vibe. It’s hard to make jokes about Chuck Liddell drinking monkey semen when you’ve got Tanner on the brain.

But one thing I wanted to note was the specific details surrounding what happened to him. There’s been a lot of contradictory information floating around to the point where some people are starting to make assumptions based on incorrect info. Some are starting to take this incorrect info and conflicting statements to imply that maybe … just maybe … Evan went out into the desert to off himself.

Yeah, no. Here’s the specifics as per (who got involved since Marines were involved in the S&R operation):

Tanner arrived at his campsite on Sept. 3 and set out to Clapp Spring, about five miles away, the next morning, based on the GPS retrieved from his body, said Jeff Green, De Anza Rescue commander.

“Tanner had sent a friend a phone text message on Thursday afternoon stating that he was at Clapp Spring and had run out of water,” said Green. “Tanner told his friend he would travel back to his camp at night, when it’s the coldest, and to contact authorities if he wasn’t heard from by 8 a.m. Friday.”

The campsite was found abandoned, with Tanner’s motorcycle and additional provisions and water, at noon on Sept. 6.

The coroner determined the time of death to be between late night on Sept. 4 and the morning of Sept. 5, and the cause of death to be heat exposure, said Green.

There you go. Nothing odd about his bike still having gas. No truth to his body being found with water. Evan left his camp underprovisioned and died because of it. That’s it, that’s all.