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Euthyphro’s K1 Dynamite Liveblog

Here’s Mike David aka Euthyphro’s play by play of the K1 event. He was on the floor at the Osaka Dome and for some reason was checking up on what we were doing and just kinda ended up doing play by play on his blackberry about an hour into the event. So here’s all his comments put together into one good read. It’s a pretty comprehensive view of the event!

Winners so far (in order)
HIROYA (jd r3)
YUDAI (jd r3)
Hansen (sub r2)
Manhoef (ko r1)

Manhoef with a first round ko of nishijima. He completely dominated. Minowaman zulu up next.

Kfc actually. Zulu’s on top of minowaman, minowa tries escaping but can’t. Rd 1 to zulu (if anyone cares about this fight)

Zulu like a fat wet blanket on minowaman for most of rd2. Minowa’s got nothing.

Minowa gets to his feetn but zulu drags him back down as the bell sounds. Round 2 to zulu.

Ref keeps asking if minowa wants to give upn but he refuses. Crowd chants for minowa with 3 mins left, but the ref stops it. Zulu wins (and is fat).

Hideo Tokoro vs Tamura next.

Tokoro’s trying a few flashy spinning kicks that aren’t landing. Tamura’s wearing him down with roundhouse kicks to the body with his wrestling boots. Round 1 to Tamura.

Rd 2 comes to an end. they exchanged solid punches when on their feet, but when it got to the ground Tamura controlled the wrestling. Tamura’s round.

Oh God that was nasty. Tamura won with a kimura that he locked on, but tokoro refused to tap for the longest time. I’m still cringing in my seat, tokoro’s arm must be broken after that.

We’re back from intermission. Finals of the u18 tourney. Hiroya vs yudai starting now.

Very close first round, but I’ll give it hiroya. Feg will too, since they’re pushing him to win this whole thing.

I’d say round 2 was also close, but I saw hiroya land more solid shots. The ref told a joke to start off the third, and the crowd laughed. I, not speaking japanese, sat here in silence.

2 solid kicks to the face early, hiroya attempts a windmill kick and misses. Solid body shots from hiroya. I think the fight goes to Hiroya, but yudai looked good throughout, particularly in the third as hiroya faded a bit.

Judges decision – majority draw. We’re headed to ooooooovertime!

Yudai was all over him in the third. Hiroya tired out as it went on. Judges agree:

J1 – yudai
J2 – hiroya
J3 – yudai

Yudai wins the under-18 tourney. J2 must have been watching a different overtime round.

Yukai giggles and addresses the crowd. He bows a lot, and throws in an “onegai shimas” for good measure. He’ll be the newest member of pop sensation SMAP within the week, I’m sure. More handshakes, more bows. Yukai puts his sequined vest back on, making him look like a younger, thinner, more asian Chris Jericho.

Hiroya cries, and the women in the crowd go “awwwwwww.”Back to adult fights now, please.

They’re replaying ackah’s ko over johnnie morton. As if I needed a reminder of the last k-1 dynamite event. Anyway, it’s ackah vs musashi next. Huge entrances for both. K-1, ridiculous as their matchmaking can be, knows how to run an arena show. I’m having a great time, and the visuals are spectacular.

{Regarding the women at the event}They’re actually silent during the fights. They only allow themselves to emit squeals when trophies or crying are involved. Bernard ackah’s entrance was a lot of fun – custom theme music. Then musashi’s blew him out of the water. They take care of their own in japan. I can’t wait to see what they do for saku, funaki, and kid yamamoto. Outside, kid had by far the biggest crowd at his merch booth. Surprisingly, few people looking to buy anything saku-related. The fight still hasn’t gotten underway. Musashi’s entrance is about an hour long.

Ackah looked great in the first, completely overwhelming musashi to start off. But he tired from punching himself out, and musashi was back in it by the end of the round, landing a nice leg kick just before the bell. R1 to ackah.

Musashi looked better in round 2, as he kept ackah on his heels throughout. He never really had ackah in any trouble, but I don’t think ackah even connected with a good punch until the last 10 seconds. Musashi’s round.

Ackah scored on a trip early in the third, but musashi continued to land better punches. And then, BAM! Musashi with a highlight-reel knockout! Ackah went down from a hugh punch that landed flush across the face. Solid performance from both fighters, but musashi showed he’s the more experienced fighter. He takes the mic, and says something in japanese. Crowd applauds. A small japanese man hands him a trophy.

More k-1 rules action next. Kim young hyun vs nicholas pettas. Hyun is massive, and comes out in a muay thai headdress. Pettas trains with bob sapp, so my assumption is that this is a showcase fight for hyun. Although I think pettas had a good showing in the 2001 grand prix, so maybe he had some talent back in the day. Pettas, who looks like phil baroni off steroids, has some japanese soul singer singing his entrance music with him. It’s not bad.

Round 1. Hyun rocks pettas with the kind of skill that only a brain tumor that makes you gigantic can bring. Pettas looks lost in there against this freak, but manages to land a head kick to the delight of the crowd. A solid leg kick from pettas puts a big welt on hyun’s leg. He might’ve figured this guy out! Another gets a standing 8 count, but hyun is saved by the bell. Flabby phil baroni takes round 1 on the power of solid leg kicks.

Pettas with the early KO! Hyun had no answer for the leg kicks, which made him drop his hands. With that, pettas went to work on his face, staggered him badly, and the ref waived it off. It’s a tko since the ref waived it off while he was still standing, but hyun was on his way to the canvas. Great performance by pettas, who figured out hyun’s weakness – the fact that he had no actual skill.

Masato vs young soo choi next. Choi’s out to “going the distance” off the rocky soundtrack. Excellent choice.

Great action in the first round. Masato catches choi flush with a head kick for a knockdown that would’ve stopped the fight if this were mma. He follows it up with a leg kick that puts choi down again. Choi’s still alive at the bell, but masato looks to be in another league right now. I’m amazed choi answered the ref’s count after the head kick. It was evans/salmon-esque.

Round 2 is more of the same. Masato makes choi look silly for 3 minutes, but choi survives to hear the bell.

Masato gets the tko stoppage after choi basically just stops fighting. Little girls and teenage women rush to the exit area to attempt to touch masato. He’s so dreamy – choooooo kawaii ^_______^

Masato via tko by dreaminess in the third.

15 minute intermission here in the oooooosaka dome.

By the way to clarify, the stoppage came during the third round after masato had another one or two unanswered knockdowns. Choi looked like he should’ve been fighting hirota and yukai

Yeah, we’re approaching the 5-hour mark. I don’t know how these people go so long without a smoke. I’m not a smoker myself, but everyone floods to the balconies during the intermissions to take a cig break.

Mma rules. They announce sapp as the 37th iwgp champion. Hilarious. Ologun is taller than I would’ve guessed, and jacked.

Sapp comes out slow, ologun dances around. Ologun runs away, sapp attempts a takedown. Sapp has his back but bobby wonkt let go of the ropes until the ref makes him. Sapp gets him down and lays on top a la minowaman/zulu. Sapp actually advances position to mount, then gets tired again and just lays on him. More g+p from sapp, but his punches are weak like royce gracies. Ologun isn’t doing anything down there, and now appears to be out, so the ref jumps in. Official result is bob sapp by ko in r1

That was NFL power right there, ladies and gentlemen.

Here we go, time for a good fight! Yamamoto vs Yahya up next. Intro videos up now. They could not possibly have butchered rani’s name any worse than they did.

Yahya runs out to the ring to the tune of “jammin”. He looks pumped up.

Loud reception for yamamoto. Well, as loud as the japanese get.

GREAT first round. Yahya’s standup looks much improved – he’s still wild but he held his own against kid. Some brief ground action early and some late that was met with the bell

Yahya’s wild striking caught up with him, as yamamoto was able to counter a looping punch with a vicious knockdown shot, then finished yahya off with multiple kicks on the ground. Yahya was out for quite a while, but stood up with the help of his team. Impressive ko win by kid at about 3:00 of round 2.

Time for saku/funaki! Crowd was on fire for kid, they’ll be amped up for this one too.

The hype video for this is fantastic. They show funaki getting destroyed by hickson. Now sak vs cro cop 1, with funaki in his corner. There’s a great story to tell here, and they’re telling it. Watch this video on the telecast if you’re not familiar with the backgrounds of these two. This is billed as a battle of the uwf.

Funaki’s out first. I’ve always wanted to see a saku entrance live, so I’m incredibly pumped myself. Come on speed tk remix!

Funaki’s out in a puro mask. This has a complete puro feel to it. His attire is ridiculous.

I marked like a litle girl for saku’s entrance. Video of him flying to curitaba to train with chute boxe. He’s out in a puro mask too. It’s fight time!

Long feeling out process and lots of shouts of support for sak. It’s like 75 percent sak fans here in the dome. Sak gets a takedown after a solid punch from funaki, but nothing comes of it. First 5 mins of r1 are pretty slow overall.

Sak’s attempting a kimura-..

YES! Funaki taps! Saku wins via sub around 6:00 of round 1.

Good night and happy new year everyone! Enjoy yarennoka!