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Et tu, Randy?

I figured there must be more to Affliction freaking out at Randy Couture than meets the eye. Here’s Michael Rome with what his sleuthing uncovered:

Sources indicate to Bloody Elbow that the “threat” is a threat of a lawsuit. One of the biggest unreported stories out of the year long Randy Couture saga is Randy Couture’s deposition. Randy’s new contract gives him immunity, but there is supposedly some damning information that came out for other parties. I suspect that we will eventually see the UFC file a suit against Affliction for tampering with Randy Couture’s contract.

Goddamn, that’s an epic rat out that rivals the shit you see in gangster movies. Even the dude in Goodfellas only rolled on his friends after finding out that they were gonna kill him. What did Affliction do other than sell a ton of XTreme Couture t-shirts and offer Randy a job?