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ESPN to show UFC71 weigh ins on imaginary channel

“ESPN News” is going to be showing the UFC71 weigh ins live. At the same time will be showing a streaming video of Greg Savage eating 200 tacos. Is ESPN News even a real channel? Is that better or worse than ESPN8 – The Ocho?

  • Fouad says:

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  • Nela says:

    What is this in shape nonsense? BJ has lokoed the same for the past 5 years, he’s not fat he just doesn’t life weights as a major routine, he trains to fight people, not out run them or out lift them. BJ is probably the greatest PURE fighter that has ever lived, so for anyone out there that is disrespecting and talking shit get your act together. He is 32 years old, he is fighting someone bigger, stronger, and younger then he is, with close enough skills. Diaz isn’t better then BJ he’s just good enough to stop BJ from doing what he wants and BJ couldn’t deal with the reach. Penn is a 155er, he’s just tired of having to cut weight, and knows he’s good enough to compete with anyone in the world. The man fought Layoto Machida!. hes just not big enough. He needs to keep fighting, but it also needs to be the right match up.