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ESPN E:60 not welcome at UFC 100

I’m starting to feel like Dana White’s rules and policies are less like the standard stuff a normal sports president would enact and more like the outlandish demands you’d get from a cranky pop diva. Check out the latest edict to come to light:

After the piece they did a few months ago, Dana White banned ESPN’s E:60 from being credentialed at UFC 100. The show was looking at doing three more UFC-related stories, a feature on Evan Tanner, Quinton Jackson and to do an updated feature on Brock Lesnar. However there have been signs over the past week that White is softening his stance.

The funny thing about all this is that E:60 gave Dana White a pretty glowing treatment in their last segment. If it was a blowjob (which it very nearly was), he got everything but the swallow. Still, perhaps it had something to do with the topics: the Evan Tanner and Quinton Jackson stories both have some pretty seedy elements that could make the UFC seem not so awesome. Still, after seeing the kid gloves worn on with the Dana White bit it’s hard to imagine E:60 suddenly going for the throat. Chalk this decision up to Dana White slowly going paranoid insane.