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Erin Toughill turns down Shana Olsen fight

(Shana Olsen, the impudent worm who dared complain about a canceled fight)

Perennial Cyborg challenger Erin Toughill is once again off another Strikeforce card. Long story short, Toughill says she wasn’t given enough notice by Strikeforce to cut down to 145 pounds. Long story long, Toughill and her prospective opponent Shana Olsen have been jawing it up at eachother since the fight started to fall apart, with Olsen bitching about Toughill’s weight excuse and then Erin dishing it out as only a woman with a history of throwing giant rocks through windshields can:

Shana Olsen? Are you joking right now? 6 weeks out it was discussed & a week later NOTHING was signed. I guess you feel tough going on a rant on your FB? This was MY fight. Why dont you take a look at the RANKINGS & SEE where you are. You barely have broken the “Top 10” in the last 6 months with 4 fights lol now you are bitching because YOU did not get to be the opponent in MY warm up fight? There are SEVEN other women who could have been picked BEFORE you. Do you have any idea how you jumped that many places & were asked to fight a #2 ranked fighter? Is that coincidence? You were, in no way, SF’s pick to fight me lol I asked them b/c we had discussed this in the past. My warm up fight is based on what I want…not what you “think” you deserve. The title IS… See More 145, but this is NOT the title. This is NOT a “title contention” fight b/c you are NOT ranked next to me LOL How would a #2 (ME) and a #9 or #10 fighter (you) be fighting for a title contention? That’s right…we wouldnt. But in your small mind…evidentally we are.

Yep, that’s Erin saying she got to handpick her opponent for her ‘warm-up match’. Know your role, warm-up chick! You’re only getting booked to lose so Erin could fight Cyborg, so STFU! Duh. And now Shana’s response:

While you’ve been sitting on the sidelines all year talking about how badly you’ve wanted to fight, I’ve stayed active. My last fight was against Yoko who at the time was ranked #6 in the world. Yes, it may be a small step down for me fighting you (an unranked opponent) but for the sake of retiring you, I think it’s worth it.

In closing Erin- Fight- Or shut the hell up and go away. I’m still ready to go on August 21st. If you can handle it, put down the fork, put on your running shoes and meet me in Houston. If not, post your tantrums elsewhere and find a new promotion to poison.

Hmmm. Chick who refuses to fight even the can she handpicked versus the can who wants to fight so bad she’ll shit talk her way into the cage if she has to. I think I’m going to side with Shana Olsen on this one.