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Erin Toughill: Psycho husband beater?

We announced a few weeks back that American Gladiators had once again gone to the MMA well to draw a fighter into their show. But it turns out that not all female MMA fighters are as sugary and sweet as Gina Carano. Lots of them are actually crazy rage-filled maniacs who beat their husbands:

— “In the last two (2) weeks, I had to have my windshield to my motor-home fixed because Respondent hurled a rock through it and shattered it one evening last month. The same night she trashed my exterior speaker system and tried to steal my bicycles attached to the motor-home. I saw her drive away in her white BMW convertible after screeching her tires and peeling out the drive way.”

This is just one of several tidbits that Cage Potato has pulled from the criminal report former MMA fighter Erin Toughill’s husband (who is also an MMA fighter) filed against her. Now there’s always the possibility that some of these stories are fabrications, since ya know divorce stuff can get pretty nasty and the guy is trying to get a straight up annulment. But if 1/10th of the stuff included in there is true, then mainstream gossip site TMZ is bound to dig it up and splash it across their page. Should make for an interesting season 2 of American Gladiators!