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Erin Toughill is my hero

My feelings on Kim Couture’s MMA career have been thus: I do not doubt her sincerity or toughness, but someone should not be headlining cards and making bank simply because they fucked a famous fighter. It would be impossibly arrogant and speculative for me to comment on her training discipline or dedication to the game, because I don’t know anything about it – so I keep my criticisms to the fact that her relationship with Randy Couture’s penis is still making her money, long after the relationship ended (oh, and keeping your hubby’s name after a divorce for the notoriety it brings is slimy – is your middle name Ivana or something?).

So, lucky me, I get to let a genuine female ass kicking machine diss Kim for me:

Kim was NEVER training MMA before she met Randy. Even if I married Randy (being at the “level” I am now) it would NEVER make me a world class Greco Roman wrestler lmfao thru marriage.

Kim has gone on record numerous times saying she “built” the Couture name/brand & it was nothing b4 her. Kim was interviewed post “sparring” with Wand Silva saying, “Silva had to turn it UP, when I turned it up” lol believing that she was actually making Wand spar HARD. She has said “it’s really hard for Randy to pass my rubber guard” lol believing that her “guard” can keep the ICON away. Kim had lunch w some ladies from the XC gym b4 her fight. She had some lip augmentation done. Girls askd howd it affect her fight? Kim said, “It would not. I dont get hit in sparring OR when I fight. I have a ‘black style’ when it comes to boxing”. That is word for word and it blew me away lol Kim has “improved everywhere” and has taken 3 weeks off from training in a year…yet lookd like she has been training for 3 weeks, total.

There are SO many women fighters that feel the same way…I just dont have an issue saying it. She has no business fighting nor taking spotlight from women who deserve to fight & cant seem to get a contract, like Roxy, Young, Tate…2 name a few.

Bless you, Erin Toughill. I’m sure this has nothing with trying to set up a big money fight or anything. However, if Kim really thinks that Randy couldn’t pass, well, I’m speechless. I think my boss did a pretty decent job extolling the virtues of staying in Kim’s guard (and – may I add – eww. Get yourself an old Pamela Anderson poster and save yourself the trouble).