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Enson Inoue continues his work in Japan

Daniel Herberston is still up in the northern end of Japan where the quake and tsunami damage is worst, covering Enson Inoue and his attempt to provide evacuees with simple life necessities:

We had so many supplies that we decided to visit another evacuation center in the area first. Unscheduled visits can be difficult, and due to Enson’s tattoos (typically a sign of the Japanese mafia), we were generally refused or forced to cut through a maddening amount of red tape before we can drop our supplies off for the people. To avoid the politics, we simply parked out the front of the evacuation center and announced that we had supplies and that people are welcome to come out and get anything they needed.

Glad to see people’s priorities are in order, huh?

Before I left the lady stopped me and pointed to her jeans, sweater and slippers. “All of this came from Enson,” she told me. “Everything everyone is wearing in here came from Enson. Aside from the military, you are really the only people to come here. The wine, sushi and cupcakes are so appreciated. We don’t get luxuries like that here. Really, thank you.”

It’s pretty depressing to hear that Inoue is the only one showing up other than the military. This isn’t the first time that sentiment has been shared in these articles. I can only hope these kinds of stories are exceptions rather than the rule, and most other centers are getting much more aid. Otherwise, WTF???

Herbertson says the next stop on their trip is Minamisanriku. Based on the video below of the town being hit, it’s probably going to be a grim day. 95% of the buildings were destroyed and nearly half the population of 19,000 is unaccounted for.