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Energy drink mania

It’s pretty retarded that Fightlinker hasn’t been sponsored by any energy drink or beer companies, considering the site was built off the back of energy drinks and beer. Seriously … the tens of thousands of dollars we make off the site goes completely into beer and energy drinks. After drinking all that shit we return it for the 5 cent can refund so we can afford other pseudo-important products like Kraft dinner, Doritos and Centrum multivitamins. Those keep our teeth from falling out due to scurvy.

Anyways, if we were gonna get sponsored by an energy drink, then Brawndo would probably be a pretty damn good fit. The video above is pretty much an exact copy of the old Powerthirst vids but we’re happy to see that rather than just rip off the dudes who did that, they paid them to make new ones. Go to the website for a shitload more.