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Emelianenko brothers portrayed as fascists by NTV?

Note the right (racist) bicep. “>This left one is going to whup that ass.

According to Fighter’s Only, Fedor and Aleksander have been inaccurately portrayed in a documentary that aired in Russia two months ago and they are pissed off about it:

According to Fedor, the program-makers used very selective editing of sound bites and film clips to create a certain image. Aleksander is so unhappy with his portrayal in the program that he is suing the station, his brother says. Fedor says the interview was arranged under false pretences and the resulting footage carefully edited to make him out as a right-wing nationalist. …

“In my opinion the NTV work was just shameless, they have no respect for religious people or conscience. When we were the arranging the interview with NTV, I was assured that the program will be about today’s youth, and aimed at youth who have lost their way and are standing at a crossroads in life,” he [Fedor] said. …

“In the editing it was made out that I go to church more than I go to training. Although I do go to church, I go only on Saturday for an evening worship service and Sunday at the Divine Liturgy, which I explained in the interview. I am also puzzled by the claim that apparently condemn my brother Alexander for “being a skinhead” this is an absolute lie and Aleksander is currently suing NTV,” Fedor commented. [italics added]

I am fascinated by every angle of this for all the wrong reasons, including the ones in the article that I haven’t quoted from – namely, Roman Zentsov has repeatedly called for the expulsion or extermination of all non-Slavs in Russia (Dude. I’m a quarter Untermensch myself, and the Serbians of 1941 that my grandfather eventually immigrated from after the war gave Hitler the finger, overthrew a collaboration government in Belgrade and forced the delay of Operation Barbarossa – from May 15 to June 22 – that ultimately doomed the Wehrmacht to a Napoleonic winter defeat at the gates of Moscow. Eat a bag of shit, and you’re welcome for the assist.) – and I commend you all to read the whole piece, but here’s where I need your help.

I was under the impression that Fedor was beloved in Russia, as Drago was in the USSR – their claim to fame, their ability to be #1 in something other than vodka consumption and sorrow. Combine that (mis?)conception with his undying fealty to M-1 and the Fink, and I’m really surprised that there’s anything on any network in Russia (especially one that is now state-owned like NTV) that does anything but laud the guy left and right. We need tape, guys – we’ll screw with translating it later. Start searching.

Are there Russian Jackals? If not, were there ever and I did I make them hate us, or did they leave of their own accord?