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Embarrassing UFC Sponsors

It’s obvious that mixed martial arts is a sport that appeals to the advertiser coveted male 18-34 demographic. But like your sister’s taste in men, that demographic encompasses a broad array of males of all shapes, sizes, cultures, and deviant sexual desires. Sure, pretty much all of us enjoy beer and good looking women, but that’s about where the similarities stop.

Advertisers seem to assume that MMA fans absolutely love spending $60 for tacky t-shirts and can’t hold back from viewing “>TV programming aimed at head trauma victims. Perhaps for a certain segment of the fanbase, these assumptions are true. But for the rest of us, the appeal of MMA is the fact that it combines violent combat with cerebral preparation. You know, those of us who graduated high school on time. (No offense, subo.)

Vince from FilmDrunk posted an article today for where he breaks down ten of the most mentally offensive UFC sponsors, and it’s definitely worth the read. Here’s his take on the UFC’s constant whoring of Spike’s original programming:

Hey, UFC, we get it, you’re on Spike.  That’s fine.  But let me let you in on a little something: you wear the pants in this relationship.  People watch Spike so they can see UFC.  95% of everything else on that channel is idiotic and terrible.  So by all means, let them have their commercial time during the show, but stop bending over backwards to have Mike Goldberg plug their latest stupid show IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.  Stop interviewing Blade the Series star Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones during the fight telecast.  Oh really?  This is the toughest character you’ve ever played?  No one cares.  And remember, they owe you, not the other way around. Seriously, just look at this show’s title sequence. It’s like they paid a space alien to try to write a Tucker Max story.  The ingredients are the same, but… no.

As awesome as Spike is for being the cable channel that brought the UFC to the masses, they pretty much fail in all other endeavors. Imagine a restaurant known for having the best steak in town, where everything else on the menu is deep fried dog shit. Spike is that restaurant.